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About Us

Bazilik Craft

The site was created with the aim of showcasing Caribbean crafts and many other countries. By offering handcrafted works designed with dexterity, passion, patience, and love. Although the identity and diversity of this creative universe are immeasurable, our duty is to bring you the best artisanal products from the Caribbean, especially those from Haiti.

Mission Statement:

Bazilik is created and dedicated to serve our on- line customers looking for the best hand made craft art money can buy.

Vision Statement:

To provide that unique experience, we at Bazilik we intend to : - Maintain prices affordable at a reasonable level for our services.

Make it beautiful

Made with two hands and handmade love of the heart is extraordinary and a true work of art.

When you buy something

You don't buy just one thing, you buy a piece of heart, a piece of soul. a little piece of someone else's life.

Great packaging

Buying by hand guarantees that no one else will give you the same gift as you!

Welcome to Bazilik Craft

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